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How we make our clothes

After years, of searching, we couldn’t find cycling clothes with the right style, function and fit. So we made our own. The goal? Design products that will motivate you to get on your bike and feed your free spirited soul.

Ask people what they want

We learn from you. Whether we’re biking up a mountain, commuting to work, or taking a spin class, we’re watching you (we know, creepy). If there’s a bicycle, we want to know what you’re wearing and why. What worked and what didn’t. Constant cyclist feedback.

What can we imagine? Sky's the limit.

Sketch. Sketch some more. No holds barred. What features and function and fit does the perfect cycling apparel require? On the bike. Off the bike. For all weather. For every body type.

What's possible? Materials and design working together.

Once we know what we want to achieve, we set out to find the right materials and create the best design for the job. Most importantly, we want to understand how both material and design will impact the cycling experience.

Test that mother. Let's see if it works.

We start riding. Everywhere. On any type of bicycle. In every weather condition. Do the clothes hold up to our quality control standards and work on every body type? The most important question though: do our cyclists feel confident, comfortable and fierce?